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Dear Corporate Leaders and College Advisors:

Incivility and the various forms it takes, including bullying, harassment, discrimination, violence, verbal abuse and cyber bullying, is an international epidemic that affects every workplace and college community.

Media coverage highlights how ongoing tragedies and lawsuits have been commonplace.  As headline after headline covers how the majority of these events could have been prevented, the credibility of companies and institutions unable to prevent the consequences of incivility is on the line.

Never before has it been more essential to create safe and cohesive workplaces and campuses. The ability to do so can seem an insurmountable challenge with no real solutions when left to HR or advisors. HOWEVER, both companies and colleges can no longer afford to look the other way.

It is our responsibility to create safe, cohesive workplaces and colleges. Allow the resources and expertise offered on this site to serve you and your workplace or college.


Highest Regards,

Traciana Graves

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