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Dear Corporate Leaders, College Advisors, Tech Leaders, and Pro Athletes:

Workplace bullying, in all its forms—incivility, harassment, discrimination, intimidation, verbal abuse, violence, and cyber-bullying—is an international epidemic that affects every industry. As the world’s leading industries, you are in the spotlight—especially when incident like these occur in your workplace.

With new laws pending that crack down on workplace injustice, your institutions and companies are under pressure to initiate practices that actively work to eliminate bullying in all its forms. Never before has it been so essential to create safe and cohesive workplaces. The media is quick to highlight incidents of abuse in your field, putting you at risk of litigations and lawsuits that can cost millions and cripple your organization. Companies, campuses, and teams can no longer afford to look the other way.

Without guidance, preventing incivility can seem daunting. My team and I are dedicated to providing resources that are proven to work—AND specific to your industry. , I offer workshops and ongoing trainings for each of today’s four most powerful and influential industries:

  • Tech leaders, click here for resources and tools that will boost productivity, innovation, and teamwork in your workplace.
  • Sports franchises, you can find programming that addresses issues such as domestic violence, hazing, anger-driven communication, and other forms of aggression here.
  • Corporate leaders, click here to find training materials that HR and upper management can utilize to create positive, productive work cultures for their employees.
  • College advisors and faculty, you can find resources that are tailored to prevent incivility on campuses, in dorms, and in the classrooms here. To find information about our student and staff Sexual Assault Prevention training click here.

It is our responsibility to create safe, cohesive workplaces. When we unite against bullying, everyone wins. Allow the resources and expertise offered on this site to serve you and your organizations.

Highest Regards,


Traciana Graves


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